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Sharon Falsetto is  an approved school educator for NAHA. Courses qualify for RA CE hours AND NAHA CE hours.
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UK-certified aromatherapist
Author of Authentic Aromatherapy
Approved Provider for NAHA

By Sharon Falsetto
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*Please note, none of the Sedona Aromatherapie courses advocate or instruct on the internal use of essential oils. This is a specialist subject area which requires advanced level training by qualified professionals in the area.
Linguistics of Aromatics (TM):
Home Study Aromatherapy Course Program
Linguistics of Aromatics(TM)
Home Study Aromatherapy Program

This exclusive, new home study aromatherapy course program is the result of approximately two decades' worth of study, practice, experience, and research by UK-certified aromatherapist, Sharon Falsetto. Sharon worked for nearly a decade in healthcare-related services in the UK, before moving to the United States and founding her business Sedona Aromatherapie LLC.

Sharon is the published author of Authentic Aromatherapy (New York: Skyhorse Publishing 2014) and current chief editor of the NAHA Aromatherapy Journal. She is an experienced aromatherapy business consultant, aromatherapy blends expert, and mentor to Sedona Aromatherapie students and graduates of Sedona Aromatherapie courses. She exclusively writes all of her own course material. In her "spare time," Sharon is developing an aromatherapy student garden, drawing on her experiences from her youth, and studying the subject in-depth both online and in-person with experts in the field.

The Linguistics of Aromatics (TM) home study aromatherapy program developed from the initial level one Certificate in Foundation Aromatherapy, followed by the level two Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy. Sharon is now writing a level three Certificate in the Art Vs. Science of Aromatherapy which will be an advanced course for the student interested in developing their knowledge of clinical aromatherapy and research. It will also include information on traditional plant use and how this has developed into the clinical application of essential oils (and other aromatics) today.

The full program will be split into three stages, with the option to study one or all of the courses. The roots of this program is in aromatics, in all shapes and forms, and how we can utilize them for health, wellness, and happiness.

Currently, Sedona Aromatherapie offers the Certificate in Foundation Aromatherapy (level one) and the Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy (level one and level two combined). These options will be available up to the release of level three and will be incorporated into the new home study aromatherapy program. Graduates of these two courses will be given exclusive access to any initial special offers and discounts available on release of the new program, so don't delay getting started on your aromatherapy journey!

There currently is no release date for level three of the Linguistics in Aromatics (TM) home study aromatherapy program, but it is anticipated to be late 2018.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!