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Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy Course Program

(Levels 1 and 2 combined)

No previous experience of aromatherapy is required to take this course as it currently includes the level 1 course, Certificate in Foundation Aromatherapy.

- 250 study hours
- Home study
- Starting at $1,265
- National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) approved school educator
- Written exclusively by published author Sharon Falsetto
- Tutored exclusively by UK-trained and US-based certified aromatherapist Sharon Falsetto (graduate of Penny Price Academy of Aromatherapy (UK))

After taking this course you will be able to apply for professional or business membership with NAHA, obtain professional liability insurance, and apply to take the optional ARC examination to become a registered aromatherapist (RA) in the United States.

Please note that this course was designed with the US market in mind - with regard to business legislation, aromatherapy practice, and the marketing and selling of aromatherapy products. However, if you live elsewhere in the world, you can still learn a lot from this course and adapt the business aspects to your own country regulations. When comparing courses, you need to take this factor into account.

“The Sedona Aromatherapie Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy is a collaboration of my initial UK aromatherapy training and my American experience of aromatherapy practice in the past decade. I have visited France to see the distillation of plants for essential oils in action and will take part in an actual distillation class on a Washington state farm in July 2016. I also have a background in gardening, studying the source of many oils we are familiar with. This mix of aromatherapy education, training, and experience allows me to offer you one of the most unique aromatherapy learning programs in existence!

The Sedona Aromatherapie Linguistics of Aromatics (TM) Program has been designed and written with a journey through aromatics - from basics to advanced - in mind. The Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy is stage (one and) two of that journey. It is based on my personal experience, practice, and research. I share many tips, aromatherapy recipes, and business advice within the Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy program that I have learned through real life practice in the past decade, in addition to applying knowledge gained in the study of my UK BA (hons) degree in business and accounting, and experience in my previous work in UK government health care services. This particular course follows the high standards, and format, of European aromatherapy training but with an emphasis on the American market (with regard to legal business issues and American market preferences).”

Course Content:

The aromatherapy course includes an extremely comprehensive course workbook that is divided into ten modules of 900 pages; it includes information on:

- history of aromatherapy and scent
- botany of aromatic plants
- over 75 profiles on essential oils, carrier oils, hydrosols, and other plant ingredients used in making aromatherapy products
- anatomy and physiology for the aromatherapist
- chemistry of essential oils
- blending techniques
- over 75 aromatherapy recipes for making aromatherapy bases with over a dozen different base products*
- step-by-step instructions with full color photos for making each aromatherapy product
- how to use ingredients for vegan-friendly aromatherapy products
- how to conduct a professional aromatherapy consultation with form templates provided – and the ability to design your own
- extensive charts on dilution, bases, and more
-tip boxes throughout the course based on my own personal experience and practice
- specific training with regard to pregnancy, babies and children, and other areas of a woman's life
- how to substitute suitable ingredients and essential oils for different circumstances
- a comprehensive business module including information on social media, business set up (US), legal issues (US), pricing products, how to market your aromatherapy business on a budget, and more
- continuous written assessments (essay-style) after each chapter of the course, reading assignments, and practical projects throughout the course, in addition to a final assessment of case studies, a research paper, and an extremely comprehensive final examination paper of multi-choice questions (with a couple of one sentence answers) (pass mark 80%).

Please make sure that you understand the amount of written and practical work involved in this style of assessment before committing to the course; the course is based on an UK and European style of assessment which might involve more essay-style questions, and research outside of the course, than some American courses you are used to. It does, however, mean that you have the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of various subject areas.

- an extensive list of resources and information including recommended supplies, suppliers, and further reading material.

* You will learn to make oil bases, scrubs and salts, lotions and creams, balms and butters, perfume-based products, candles, diffusion blends, spritzers, and aromatherapy kits for specific circumstances.

The aromatherapy course is divided into ten modules to make study more manageable. You will receive personal one-on-one support and tutoring from your mentor Sharon Falsetto throughout your course study, in addition to discounted services and support on graduation from this course.

The aromatherapy course is designed for the professional who wants to add aromatherapy to their therapy practice, the entrepreneur who wants to learn how to make a safe, authentic aromatherapy bath and body product line, and the individual who wants an extensive education in learning how to make natural aromatherapy products for safe use with family and friends.

Number of Course Study Hours and Study Time Required:

The Sedona Aromatherapie Professional Certificate in Aromatherapy program is comprised of a total of 250 hours; this includes study time of all course material and associated reading, all written assessments, reading assignments, required practical projects, case studies, a research paper, and a final examination paper.

The length of time that it will take to complete this course will depend upon how many study hours per week that you can devote to it, given your other life commitments. Most students should be able to complete this course within 18 months with just a couple of hours study per week; if you can devote more time to study, it will take you less time to complete.

Although there is no time limit in which to complete this course, I ask that you check with me if you take an extended break from the course (over one month of inactivity) before re-commencing study. This allows me to confirm with you that there hasn't been any significant changes or updates to the course which you may need to take into account. It does not mean that you can't continue the course, as I understand that life sometimes throws us unexpected curve balls.

Before committing to the Sedona Aromatherapie Certificate in Aromatherapy course, it is prudent to evaluate if you have both the time and commitment to enroll in such a program. If you feel that the course might be too much for you at this point in time, I can recommend an alternative Sedona Aromatherapie course that may suit your needs better. However, the Sedona Aromatherapie Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy program is the only route to take if you are serious about becoming a professional certified aromatherapist, if you would like to set up your own aromatherapy practice or business, and if you require professional insurance, and/or become a registered aromatherapist within the United States. It is also the only comprehensive course for those serious about taking charge of their healthcare with aromatherapy products for their family.


*Please note, none of the Sedona Aromatherapie courses advocate or instruct on the internal use of essential oils.
This is a specialist subject area which requires advanced level training by qualified professionals in the area.

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By Sharon Falsetto
UK-certified aromatherapist
Author of Authentic Aromatherapy
Approved Provider for NAHA & NCBTMB

About the Course
Linguistics of Aromatics (TM) Program:
Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy
(Levels 1 and 2 combined)
"This course seemed to be more comprehensive and required more hours than some of the others...excellent course for those needing a self-paced, online program of study."

Cheryl, VA
Graduate of the Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy