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"Sedona Aromatherapie makes and sells custom made aromatherapy blends and products, sourced from the only the best suppliers. I personally make all custom aromatherapy blends for Sedona Aromatherapie. In addition to quality products, customer satisfaction is my number one priority and I always go the extra mile if necessary to keep my customers happy! 

Read for yourself what my diverse mix of past and present customers of Sedona Aromatherapie have to say about my aromatherapy products; these are all genuine comments received from past and current customers. If you would like to add a review of an aromatherapy product you have purchased from Sedona Aromatherapie, please contact me.  I receive permission from all customers to publish their comments before doing so. Thank you so much to the customers (and brides) who left reviews below!"

~Sharon Falsetto~
"The chocolate scrubbie is really great on my skin! I have such dry skin and lotions never cure it.  The scrubbie is extra moisturizing and even applied at night I can feel it the next day.  It makes the skin glow and enriches it.  I also use it on my hands which are excessively dry to being in water a lot.

The soaps smell wonderful and the spritzer is awesome too!"

Lori, California
"I hope that the chocolate votives (candles) never get discontinued!! They have such a yummy smell. They smell like your baking brownies. The smell makes the whole house smell wonderful!!!"

Lauri, Arizona
"Dear Sharon, Thank you very much for your prompt arrangement of my wedding!  Hope to see you again soon in Sedona.  Best regards, Yuka." 

Yuka, New York
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"Thank you so much for making a wonderful Citrus Flower spritzer!  I love the scent of lavender and sweet orange, and the blend you made smells so nice!  I spritzed some on myself and after leaving the room, came back in and the lovely smell was still there!  I love it! The lavender candle smells wonderful, like a REAL/FRESH lavender plant.  I am excited to try more of your products!"

Laura, Utah
"Sleepy Time has lavender and Roman chamomile in it, which help you drift off to sleep...I noticed right away that I was able to fall asleep easier.  I also liked that it became part of my "bedtime routine".... I am so thankful to Sharon for her knowledge and friendship!"

Cherie, Wisconsin
"Thank you for all your help with our lovely massage oils.  They were a hit!  I really appreciate how easy you were to work with, especially across the United States!  You were very considerate and understanding.  Thanks for everything and for making our wedding memorable."

Danielle, Ohio
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"I have really enjoyed the night time spritzer (Sleepy Time) and Pick-Me-Up spritzer. Those are really great items to use on the airplane as well,  especially if your nasal passages dry out and you skin feels dry.  You make customer service look so easy but I know how much effort you put into making your customers happy."

Vicki, Florida
"I placed an order from you for a chocolate candle...because of a confusion between my physical address...and my PO Box address...I didn't receive the were good enough to immediately send me a replacement to the PO box which I received in time for my friend's birthday.  You did this despite having a funeral to attend.  I greatly appreciated your customer service!  Your products are terrific and I've passed out your cards."

Ellen, New Hampshire
"I just used The Reiki Spirit blend* with a client this evening: people often report a more intense experience (deeper relaxation, more chakra awareness, and more).

Sharon has a wonderful combination of skill and intuition -  let Sedona Aromatherapie create a custom blend for YOUR healing work!"

*this was a custom blend created for Womankind, LLC

NiCara, Womankind, LLC
"Got my order today...I appreciate all your help.  Have your site in my favorites!"

Kem, California
"Got the order.  The oils are AMAZING.  Far, far better than anything that I have yet come across. Count me in for the next order!"

Kristen, Pennsylvania
" I am now sampling the third tea light and I must tell you that I am so pleased with all three that I've sampled now.  Thanks to your skill, I've been reunited with an old olfactory friend.  I look forward to trying the remaining three!"

Cara, Texas
" I love the chocolate body butter!  It is amazing and the essence lingers most of the day, which I also love!  Thank you very much, I shall replenish it often!"

Debra, New Jersey
" Thank you so, so much! I received my beautifully healing aroma hug today! You packed it so well too!.... The whole room filled with the scent and healing energy, before I even opened it!...My many thanks again."

Angel, California
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By Sharon Falsetto
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