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Take this short, fun quiz to see if you should study the Sedona Aromatherapie Foundation Course in Aromatherapy or the Certification in Professional Aromatherapy Program!  Test your aromatherapy knowledge and find out if one of these courses are for you!  All the information in the quiz is covered in detail in both courses - depending upon your goals.  Have fun!

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1. What is the name of one of the most famous Egyptian perfumes:

a) Kyphi
b) Chanel
c) Kyfu

2. Where are essential oils extracted from?

a) leaves of a plant
b) roots of a plant
c) fruit of a plant
d)seeds of a plant
c) flowers
d) grasses
e) all of the above

3) Bergamot is:

a) is a fruit that grows on a small tree
b) a child's toy
c) a small insect native to Italy

4) Which following essential oil is frequently adulterated?

a) orange
b) geranium
c) rose

5) What are ketones?

a) ring tones
b) chemical components found in an essential oil
c) parts of a flower head

6) What is the botanical name for true lavender?

a) Lavandula latifolia
b) Lavandula angustifolia
c) Lavandula officinal

7) What is a carrier oil?

a) an oil which can be carried
b) a medium that is blended with essential oils
c) an oil that evaporates at or above room temperature

8) You can use culinary vegetable oils in aromatherapy practice too:

a) true
b) false

9) Cocoa butter is also known as theobroma oil:

a) true
b) false

10) Dead sea salt contains the same chemical components as sea salt:

a) true
b) false

11) Which essential oil/s are extracted from the orange tree:

a) petitgrain, neroli and sweet orange
b) neroli, petitgrain and bitter orange
c) petitgrain, mandarin and sweet orange
d) all of the above

12) The largest organ in the body is:

a) the skin
b) the intestines
c) the brain

How much do you know about aromatherapy and essential oils?
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By Sharon Falsetto
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