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...and the answers to the Sedona Aromatherapie short aromatherapy quiz are:

1) What is the name of one of the most famous Egyptian perfumes:

a) Kyphi - various flowers and plants were used to make this exotic fragrance - and they all had therapeutic properties too!

2) Where are essential oils extracted from?

e) all of the above - essential oils are extracted from a wide variety of plants and plant parts through a variety of extraction methods

3) Bergamot is:

a) is a fruit that grows on a small tree - the little known bergamot is similar in appearance to a miniature orange; although related to the orange species, it has its own therapeutic properties

4) Which following essential oil is frequently adulterated?

c) rose - rose is an expensive oil to extract and consequently prices are high, leading to its adulteration

5) What are ketones?

b) chemical components found in an essential oil - essential oils are a complex make-up of various chemical components, one of which are ketones

6) What is the botanical name for true lavender?

b) Lavandula angustifolia - a bit of a trick question as answer c was so close to another synonym for true lavender - Lavandula officinalis

7) What is a carrier oil?

b) a medium that is blended with essential oils - carrier oils are important to aromatherapy because they are used to create a “safe” blend for essential oils

8) You can use culinary vegetable oils in aromatherapy practice too:

b) false! Never substitute one for the other; culinary vegetable oils are highly processed and don't possess the therapeutic properties of an aromatherapy carrier oil

9) Cocoa butter is also known as theobroma oil:

a) true - cocoa butter is known by several other names, including theobroma oil

10) Dead sea salt contains the same chemical components as sea salt:

b) false - Dead sea salt and sea salt contain different chemical components

11) Which essential oil/s are extracted from the orange tree:

b) neroli, petitgrain and bitter orange - sweet orange essential oil is also extracted from the orange tree - but a different variety to bitter orange, neroli and petitgrain essential oils

12) The largest organ in the body is:

a) the skin - the skin is often neglected as an “organ” but it is, in fact, the largest organ in your body!

How did you score?

10 or more correct: you must already be a certified aromatherapist!  If not, you should definitely be studying aromatherapy!

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