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aromatherapy course reviews
The Sedona Aromatherapie home study aromatherapy course program was established in 2011 and has received many recommendations from students. Several students have taken one or more of the aromatherapy courses available in the aromatherapy course program and I have received many reviews. Below, you will find a selection of reviews from Sedona Aromatherapie students. Permission was gained in each instance before publishing these reviews.
"I can say that for everyone who is interested in aromatherapy, this short course is a very good first step.  The course is well written, full of information.  I really enjoyed it and want to learn more about it now.  The contact with the tutor on-line was very fast.  Even though it was a short course, I discovered a fantastic world of aromatherapy!"

Agnes, UK (Lavender Aromatherapy short course)

"... just enjoying my "butters course" so much!  I want to hop right on another.  You are an excellent instructor, you make it easy to succeed.  I appreciate you! Thanks."

Ella, Pennsylvania (Basic Butters, Balms, Creams and Lotions course)

I like the step-by-step process in making perfumes.
The information is broken down for the beginner.

Becca, Ohio (Natural Perfumes with Essential Oils short course)

"...very informative and relevant material....wonderful course!"

Kristie, Illinois (several short courses)

"...well written, informative and fun! I did not find any other courses like this one...I was looking for short courses to teach me the most for my money."

Marva, Texas (Natural Perfumes with Essential Oils course)

"...very well written...Sharon's knowledge, experience, and method of instruction was very informative, interesting, and educational. Fabulous!"

Karen, Florida (Lavender Aromatherapy short course, Sage Aromatherapy short course)

"...Sharon is very helpful and knowledgeable. The course is very well written and easy to follow and understand...the photos really helped explain some things too."

Lauren, UK (Basic Butters, Balms, Creams and Lotions course)

" This course is a compendium of interesting facts about lavender..written in an easy-to-read style, the booklet for this distance learning study helps the student and practitioner of aromatherapy to broaden his or her knowledge of this traditionally popular and well-loved essential oil."

Clare, Illinois (Lavender Aromatherapy short course)
"I enjoyed the course a lot, especially having to make the products and come up with my own recipes, instead of only learning about them...the course was very approachable and organized very well."

Amber, California (Basic Bath Products with Essential Oils course)

"...very good explanation on procedures and products...reasonably priced."

Kathy, Illinois (Basic Butters, Balms, Creams and Lotions course)

"I found this course to be informative, packed full of information and wanting to do a little more than just answer questions....completeness, honesty and excellent instructor availability."

Jim, Florida (Foundation Course in Aromatherapy)

"For the cost, the amount of information (and clarifying information!) this course offered, I thought it was a good deal, interesting and helpful! I'm just in the early stages of doing more focused reading about aromatherapy, and this was a great "next step" to test the waters. I also appreciate that I can move onto an "action" step with the Lavender Aromatherapy Make-Your-Own Kit."

Diane, Massachusetts (completed the Lavender Aromatherapy short course and current Foundation Course in Aromatherapy student)

"After visiting many schools online, Sedona Aromatherapie was the only one I was impressed with. A fabulous site packed with beautiful products and a wealth of information. Not to mention, a page about YOU! It's nice to put a face and background to Sedona Aromatherapie!"

Marti, Arizona (enrolled in the Certification in Professional Aromatherapy program)

"I chose your program over another school because you offered one complete course at a fraction of the price of what the other school wanted!"

Ginny, California (enrolled in the Certification in Professional Aromatherapy program)

"This course is a must for the individual seeking to practice aromatherapy professionally...(it) is very thorough and provides the necessary aromatherapy information for people who want to learn about essential oils and the various ways to use essential oils...EXCEPTIONAL support and service! Sedona Aromatherapie believes in their students...and offer support and advice once you have completed the course."

Becca, Ohio
(graduate of the Certification in Professional Aromatherapy program)

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By Sharon Falsetto
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Aromatherapy Course Reviews