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About Me -

"Personal circumstances led me to move from the U.K. to the United States in 2006. Before settling in the United States, I traveled widely and visited many places in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, and finally the United States. I have been a frequent visitor to France since my first trip overseas at the age of 16, and my basic French language skills have come in useful during many subsequent trips, including a study trip in 2012 to the south of France to experience firsthand the growing of plants - and the distillation of these plants into essential oils.

For over ten years, I worked in health care services in local government in the U.K. After a personal tragedy altered my life path, I trained in aromatherapy with Penny Price Academy of Aromatherapy, culminating in my clinical aromatherapy diploma. Previously, I had studied for a diploma in reflexology while carrying out my "day" job.

After my move to the United States, I founded Sedona Aromatherapie, a business I have now been operating for nearly ten years. Below is a summary of my education and expertise:


- BA (Hons) Degree in Business and Accounting (1995) - University of Sunderland
- Diploma in Reflexology (2001)
- Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy (2006)
- Advanced Aromatherapy Training in Pregnancy (2006)
- Advanced Aromatherapy Training in Babies and Children (2006)
- Chemistry of Aromatherapy (2011)
- Aromatherapy Study Trip South of France (2012)
- Online Master Gardener Short Course Series (2016) - University of Oregon
- Harvest to Hydrosol Intensive Hands-on Distillation Workshop (WA) (2016)
- NAHA Beyond Aromatics Conference - University of Utah (2016)
- Science and Art of of Herbalism Home Study Course - Rosemary Gladstar/Sage Mountain School (2017 -   )


- 10 years on-the-job training in healthcare services in UK government
- 10 years on-the-job training and experience in professional aromatherapy practice
- Served on the Board for the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) as Secretary (2011)
- Regional Director (AZ) for NAHA since 2011
- Assistant Editor of the NAHA Journal for 2 years (2012-2014)
- Editorial Committee for NAHA World of Aromatherapy VII Conference - Bastyr University, Seattle, Washington (2014)
- Published Author of Authentic Aromatherapy (2014)
- Co-editor for Harvest to Hydrosol by Ann Harman (2015)
- Chief Editor of the NAHA Journal since 2015
- Editorial/Author Co-ordinator for NAHA Beyond Aromatics Conference - University of Utah (2016)

About My Aromatherapy Business

Sedona Aromatherapie was created through my passion for aromatherapy and the desire to pass that knowledge onto others.  Sedona Aromatherapie was named for the importance of the modern day French "discovery" of aromatherapie (meaning aromatherapy in the French language) by Rene-Maurice Gattefosse.

Sedona Aromatherapie underwent a couple of transformations since its initial concept, before arriving at where the business is today. I originally offered aromatherapy consultations at a small, historical studio located on Schnebly Hill Road in Sedona, Arizona, which opened in 2007. I eventually closed the studio in late 2009 to concentrate on developing and expanding a line of signature aromatherapy blends for the Sedona Aromatherapie web store.

About My Custom Aromatherapy Blends and Consulting Services

Due to numerous requests to create custom aromatherapy blends for other businesses, I began offering a custom aromatherapy scent blending service for businesses across the United States. I create one blend to one hundred or more - for brides, salons, boutiques, personal customers, spas, therapists, and hotels. See custom aromatherapy blending for further information.

I also offer consulting services for corporate clients, small business start-ups, and therapists who have little training in aromatherapy but wish to create a custom aromatherapy product line.

About My Published Writing in Aromatherapy

I have been writing and editing professionally since 2008 on the subject of aromatherapy in the form of articles, blog posts, copy writing, professional reports, and research. Past and present clients and publications include the NAHA Journal, Aromatique Essentials, Aromatherapy Today, IJHPA, 928 Brides, Yahoo! Shine, Demand Media, E-How, the former Suite 101 and Examiner, in addition to many national and international blogs, and some well-known organizations I cannot disclose due to NDA agreements. I write weekly at my own aromatherapy blog, Aromatherapy Notes.

My book, Authentic Aromatherapy, was published on January 2, 2014 and was reprinted in paperback format in July 2016.

If you would like to use my professional writing and editing services please visit the Writer for Hire page for more information.

About My Home Study Aromatherapy Course Program

Since 2011, I have written, published, and tutored seven aromatherapy home study aromatherapy courses, including two nationally accredited programs - the Sedona Aromatherapie Foundation Course in Aromatherapy and the Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy Program, which now form the basis for the Linguistics of Aromatics (TM) Program.  All of my courses contain original content and are professionally written by myself, with the exception of the Rosemary Caddy Chemistry Courses.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me!"

~Sharon Falsetto~

“Sharon was a diligent student, who studied hard and gained good, clear insight into the subjects within the art of aromatherapy. Her drive and enthusiasm and commitment to her clients is exemplary and we are proud to have trained her.”

Penny Price, Owner, Penny Price Aromatherapy
NAHA regional director
... Inspire, Educate, Create
UK-certified aromatherapist
Author of Authentic Aromatherapy
Approved Provider for NAHA

By Sharon Falsetto
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